Corcumello, history and traditions

Medieval village in the center of Italy, it is located in the Abruzzo region.

Corcumello landscape

Corcumello is a kind of large family, and all the 300 people living here know each other.
Traditions are very important, especially religious ones, with the traditional processions in honour of St.Antony and St.Emidio, St.Laurence, Corpus Domini, the stations of the cross, etc...
During the year, there are also country festivals, such as the "Sagra della marrocca" (corn on the cob), in the summer, and the "festival of chestnuts and new wine" in the autumn on St.Martins Day.

  Corcumello photos

Le Origini

The roots of Corcumello are pre-Roman, where a small tribe of the Marsi people, settled on the hill "Collalto".
The present village is medieval, dating back to the year 1,000. It's 800 meters above sea level. It has typical fotified structures, with defensible narrow streets and fortified towers in it's walls.
Aslo very interesting is the "DePontibus" palace, named after a noble family, which once lived there, it was first a castle in 953 built by the Normans and then in later years other parts were added.
Also visit the stronghold of mount Girifalco, nearby.