Marsica and Abruzzo

We are located in a sub-region of Abruzzo called Marsica, most part of territory is constituted by mountains; our country is characterized by a preserved nature and tiny medieval villages located among valleys and uplands. Mountains of the region are typically covered by woods of beech, chestnut trees and oaks.
Many kind of protected wildlife can be found in our wide national parks; only here you can find the italian wolf, Marsican bear and many others endemic species.

madonna del monte

Travelling only a few kilometers around the agriturismo Le Acacie you can find:

  • National park of Abruzzo.
  • National park of Gran Sasso.
  • National park of Sirente-Velino.
  • Natural reserve of Zompo lo Schippo water falls .
  • Lakes of Scanno, Salto, Turano and Campotosto.
  • Many historycal villages as Tagliacozzo and Celano.
  • The remains of the Roman town Alba Fucens

...and much more!!!

Nicest paleces of Abruzzo

The nearest town is Avezzano, but it is easy to reach others towns of Abruzzo as L'Aquila, Sulmona and Pescara.

Who likes mountains and hiking has to visit: Gran Sasso d'Italia (2912 m a.s.l), mount Maiella (2793 m a.s.l), mount Sirente-Velino (2487 m a.s.l), the National Park of Abruzzo (national park since 1921) and the mountain chain Simbruini.

Travelling about 45 minutes east direction, we can visit Sulmona town, widely known for confetti sweets; then with half hour more, we can reach Pescara. It is the biggest town of Abruzzo located on the Adriatic coast. The land between Sulmona and Pescara is covered by vast vineyards and olive groves.

Travelling about one hour west direction, we can reach capital city Rome and visit the most beautiful city in the world.

landscape of upland in Abruzzo